SANTA CLARA COUNTRY, CA – Santa Clara County officials is purchasing too many cars and trucks for its 2,500-vehicle fleet according to County Supervisor Ken Yeager who has initiated an audit of the fleet, according to

County vehicles are issued to sheriff’s deputies, park rangers, and other employees. The audit is expected to analyze data and dozens of interviews with fleet division staff. The audit is also expected to review county department policies on fleet vehicles, including the necessity of "take-home" vehicles and potential alternatives. The audit is due to the county’s Finance and Government Operations Committee by the end of March.

County officials typically review vehicle costs annually, but the last formal audit of the fleet was in 1981, when the county maintained 1,257 vehicles, and auditors recommended eliminating 186 of them. Today, the county has more than 2,500 cars, trucks, and specialty vehicles for uses from law enforcement to construction.