LOUISVILLE, KY- Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) of Louisville, Ky., is hosting two technical training classes on Ford's Escape Hybrid on March 24-25 and March 26-27.

The classes offered will be beneficial for fleets who have either already purchased or in the process of purchasing Ford Escape Hybrid vehicles. 

Since the MSD shop staff lacks the information and training to properly service this new technology, MSD contracted with Ford Fleet Training to bring its 2-day Hybrid Escape training class on-site to their maintenance facility in Louisville, Ky.

In order to help defray the cost of this training, MSD will offer a limited number of seats to outside agencies that might wish to provide this training for their personnel. The cost will be $225 for the 2-day class and includes the Student Reference book. 

For more information please contact Carl Sandler, MSD fleet services manager, 3050 Commerce Center Place, Louisville, Ky. 40211 or call (502) 540-6994 or email at: sandler@msdlouky.org.