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NAFA Announces 2017-18 CAFM Graduates

The NAFA Fleet Management Association announced 37 fleet professionals have earned their CAFM (certified automotive fleet manager) designation in the 2017-18 year

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Understanding the 'Why' in Fleet Analyst Training

In analyzing data, it’s not just the fleet management system that fleet analysts need to understand — it’s also the fleet business itself.

8 Steps for Collaborative Training Programs

Is your agency too small to host its own technician trainings? Here’s a tip: partner up. Interagency collaboration can help you pull together the resources needed for quality training programs.

Toolboxes vs. Spreadsheets: Stepping into the Fleet Manager Role

Fleet managers discuss the challenges of stepping into a management role from the shop floor and the increase of non-technical fleet managers entering the industry.

Is Technical Experience Necessary for Fleet Managers?

Despite not having technical backgrounds, fleet managers with administrative experience bring a variety of advantages to their departments.

How to Properly Implement a Telematics Program

What’s the formula for achieving the greatest ROI on your telematics solution? Taking time up front to get the right solution for your needs and ensuring it’s properly implemented.

Making the Transition to Management

As many experienced public sector fleet managers head toward retirement, public agencies need to consider how to recruit, transition in, and train incoming fleet managers.

Edmonton's Program for Transformation: Working Together for Positive Changes

Provincial capital city Edmonton, Alberta, has the largest integrated municipal fleet operation in Canada and has earned numerous accolades for major improvements made over the last few years. However, focus on workplace culture may be its most significant achievement to date.

How Local Associations are Bringing Fleets Together

Information and networking are two main reasons why public fleet managers find local and government-specific associations valuable. Board members from various associations talk to GF about cost savings, training opportunities, and the face-to-face interaction their organizations provide.

The Impending Retirement Tsunami & Resulting Brain Drain

The demographics of public sector fleet operations are skewing increasingly to an aging workforce. A key reason is the large number of baby boomers eligible to retire now and into the next decade. Studies have documented the implications to various industries, but there has been little discussion about the ramifications to fleet management. Not only will there be a “retirement tsunami” in fleet, but there will be an even more crippling “brain drain” of lost institutional and legacy knowledge.