NORTH LIBERTY, IOWA - Collective Data, Inc., the makers of collectiveFleet integrated fleet management solutions, announced the release of collectiveFleet v5.3, the latest edition of the popular fleet information management software.

This release is highlighted by the addition of statistical reporting capabilities designed to aid in lifecycle cost management, new controls for warranty recapture, fuel and work order management and a relational OEM part management system. Upgrades to communications and accident and claims sections are also included in this release.

collectiveFleet 5.3 provides users with new meter metrics and reports designed to provide statistical data used in making fleet disposition decisions. Budget planning and equipment purchases based on life cycle cost factors are made more precise with this easy to access data.

New warranty management controls, including alerts help clients recapture a greater percentage of warranty claims and core part money. The work order management section now provides tools for managing multiple sublet vendors on a single work order, mechanic accountability, maintenance request conversion and several other significant improvements and additions that give users a refined system for the management of work orders and repair histories.

"Efficiency goes beyond doing something quickly, efficiency also possesses attributes of quality and economy: do it fast and do it well, mind the budget and you can be a hero in your organization," explained Sean Taylor, director of sales at Collective Data. Mr. Taylor elaborated: "Our new OEM part management system helps streamline the repair process by providing alternate part and vendor selection. Alternate part and vendor options can significantly impact downtime and part inventory costs by identifying available parts and preferred vendor." New inactive part reports and part requisition functions also help keep inventory optimized.


"Fleet operations have been under the gun for the last few years due to mounting fuel costs and now, with the downturn in the economy, fleet operations in nearly every sector are experiencing unprecedented budget pressures." Noted Jason Wonase, president and lead developer at Collective Data, "Our role as a provider of the technology tools fleet managers use to make prudent business decisions and control costs has never been more important. With this in mind we focused our efforts on delivering upgrades that will make the greatest financial return for our clients."

About Collective Data, Inc.

Collective Data is a privately held corporation that provides comprehensive fleet information management solutions to over 600 government and commercial organizations worldwide. Collective Data is located in North Liberty, Iowa. More information about Collective Data is available at