MOLINE, IL – The City of Moline will save an estimated $27,591 next year in fuel costs by installing its own E-85 tank. The 10,000-gallon tank at the city’s public works garage also will be used by Rock Island County and Metro, the mass transit district, according to It will provide fuel to 52 of the city’s vehicles.

Construction on the tank began in September. Prior to installing its own tank, city vehicles went to Silvis for E-85 fuel. The city estimates it will reduce carbon emissions from 389 tons annually to 55 tons, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 percent. The city estimates it will use 54,100 gallons of E-85 in 2009 and will pay an average of 51 cents a gallon less than for regular unleaded. Illinois EPA rebates to the city for the use of E-85 will total more than $15,000 in 2009.

Ray Nees, director of zoning and building for Rock Island County, said his department currently has one E-85-compatible vehicle, but plans to purchase more. County board chairman Jim Bohnsack said the county hopes to have 50 percent of its fleet E-85-compatible within the next few years.