NORFOLK, VA – Richland County, S.C., and Spokane Valley Fire, Wash., have purchased CCG Systems, Inc.’s FASTER fleet management system for implementation.

Part of the Public Works department, Richland County’s Central Garage is contracted out to First Vehicle Services. The department’s mission is to maintain infrastructure, manage assets, and provide technical services in an environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible manner while enhancing quality of life of its constituents. Richland County, S.C., purchased FASTER through GSA.

Spokane Valley Fire, Wash., located in the far eastern section of Washington near the Idaho state line, is an all-risk emergency agency protecting its citizens’ lives, property, and the environment through responsive cost-effective, people-oriented service. After a referral from a Fire District, Spokane Valley Fire issued a purchase order for the implementation of FASTER fleet management system.