FRANKFORT, KY– The City of Frankfort has entered into a partnership with the state for maintenance of some city vehicles. City officials said Frankfort’s agreement with the Kentucky Division of Fleet Management now has city police going to the state garage for vehicle service and repairs, a move they say will save the city money, according to

Public Works Director Jeff Hackbart said he learned the state garage had biodiesel fuel for some vehicles and while investigating possibly powering city buses with bio-fuels, learned that utilizing state facilities might be available.

City and state officials worked out an agreement for some city vehicles to start maintenance and service at the state garage, beginning with Frankfort’s roughly 90 police cruisers. Some maintenance turnaround times have been as short as 20 minutes before officers are back on the street.

The agreement between the Division of Fleet Management, under the Finance and Administration Cabinet, is expandable and could ultimately include all city light fleet vehicles, excluding dump trucks, garbage trucks, lawn equipment, and sewer trucks.

Forrest Banta, the state’s director of fleet management, said the state’s “one-stop shop” garage in Frankfort maintains roughly 1,400 of the state’s vehicles. The garage can do body work, painting and all mechanical repairs. And since many city and state vehicles are Ford Crown Victorias, buying wholesale parts is cheaper with more vehicles needing service.