NEWARK, N.J. – Newark City Council Ways and Means Committee is looking into cutting expenses by considering the number of necessary city vehicles, according to

According to Committee Chairwoman Irene Kennedy, the city has about 270 vehicles, including fire trucks and snow plows. Although several of the cars are kept in a “pool,” meaning they are available to various employees whenever they need them, 45 to 50 cars are assigned to a specific person.

The city pays for the car, insurance, and gas on every car, meaning for the 45 to 50 people who are assigned a car, their commute to and from work is paid. The only exception is Service Director Kathleen Barch, who pays for her own fuel.

Kennedy said the administration has been on board with considering cost-cutting measures so far. And Council President Marc Guthrie said although some employees feel entitled to the cars as part of their perks, the city can’t afford to maintain the practice.

Kennedy encouraged concerned residents to offer their suggestions for other money-saving ideas.