RESTON, VA – MAXIMUS, a provider of fleet enterprise asset management (EAM) software and automated fuel systems, announced a collaboration with Zonar Systems to offer an integrated inspection and maintenance package.

The integration will enable fleet operators to maintain accurate and electronically verified pre- and post-trip inspections while significantly streamlining their maintenance processes.

The Zonar/MAXIMUS FleetFocus integrated solution provides a seamless two-way data exchange that automates the pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection process required by federal and state laws. Already in widespread use throughout North America, the company’s electronic inspection and fleet management system are now revolutionizing workflow processes in many transportation segments.

Zonar’s patented RFID-based inspection system, Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (EVIR), is the starting point for the Zonar/MAXIMUS integrated solution. RFID tags are placed in critical areas around the vehicle. The driver uses a hand-held RFID reader to scan each tag and document the inspection observations. Once complete, the inspection is wirelessly transmitted to secure servers and the resulting information is delivered to fleet managers in real time.

When a defect is noted by a driver, it will instantly be communicated to MAXIMUS maintenance software, automating defect creation for that asset while capturing odometer reading and inspection information. The shop will be immediately alerted of the needed repairs through one of several notification options. As repairs are performed and closed out, FleetFocus closes the loop by communicating updated defect status to Zonar’s inspection database. This collaborative workflow eliminates the need for labor-intensive and inefficient paper records, as well as ensures the reliability of reporting through the elimination of repeated data entry errors.