NORFOLK, VA – CCG Systems, Inc. congratulates Fleet Management Director John Webster of Salt Lake County, Utah for recently becoming a Certified Public Fleet Professional through the American Public Works Association (APWA). 

Webster along with other industry professionals, agencies, and corporations will be recognized at the APWA Public Works Congress and Exposition awards reception on August 18, 2008 in New Orleans, La.

As fleet director for the county, Webster oversees the management of the county’s fleet of more than 2,000 assets.  Implementing significant improvements and innovations to the county fleet operations, some of Webster’s accomplishments are:

· Increased the number of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles in Fleet by more than 400 percent.

· Reduced operational costs by bringing the majority of fueling in-house allowing for active cost management and improved vehicle meter accuracy.

· Developed a vehicle disposal process utilizing an auction house; thereby, reducing overhead costs and turn-around time while increasing the rate of return on vehicles.

· Overhauled the Replacement Fund to account for individual vehicles rather than by each agency.

· Improved utilization practices by right-sizing and appropriately moving vehicles from one agency to another extending vehicle’s useful life.

· Utilizing FASTER’s 15-point replacement analysis function to actively manage the replacement cycles of vehicles and equipment.  

· Implemented GPS technology.

Webster became fleet director for the county in November 2005.  Prior to that position, Webster’s 20 years career experience involved starting out in the drilling industry as a Derek hand.  From there, he became a fleet manager for a large towing company specializing in all heavy truck recoveries.  His passion and success in racing motorcycles brought him to the Salt Lake City Police Department’s motor squad where he developed a rider’s training and proper maintenance program. 

In 1987, Webster became an honorary member of the squad and was recognized for his contributions to the State’s motorcycle safety programs by the Utah Highway Patrol.  Webster’s strong leadership skills were evident as he quickly progressed from management positions to the next.  At Salt Lake City Corporation, Webster received a P2 Environmental Award and made the facility ASE Blue Seal certified. 

The APWA certification is intended for the seasoned public fleet professionals and those interested in seeking credentials to advance their career.  The certification aims to promote excellence in fleet management through knowledge and practical advancement. 

To request more information, visit:

or contact Becky Stein at or 1-(800) 848-APWA.