NAPERVILLE, IL – The City of Naperville has reduced gas usage by 6 percent since 2004 by launching a fuel conservation program three years ago. By reminding employees to practice fuel-saving driving measures, downsizing the city fleet and replacing vehicles with fuel-efficient models, officials ultimately hope to achieve a 10 percent reduction, according to

A crucial part of the plan is saving about 30 cents per gallon by purchasing gas wholesale. At three city pumps, employees fill up on gas purchased through a three-year contract with Parent Petroleum. The deal means that Naperville pays less for gas than almost every other municipality in the Chicago area.


Officials also have reduced the size of the city fleet, although Naperville's population has grown by more than 30,000 in the last six years. Vehicles are reviewed each year to determine whether they can be eliminated or replaced with smaller vehicles.


In the past three years, the city has replaced 28 vehicles and is scheduled to replace another nine this year. Although officials have tossed around the idea of purchasing hybrid vehicles for the first time, they backed away from the idea after learning that the cost for hybrids may grow about $2,000 this year.