DES MOINES, IOWA – A $550,000 custom-made fire engine will improve rescue efficiency during emergency situations in Johnston and Grimes, the fire chief for those two cities said. Chief Jim Krohse said the Johnston Fire Department recently ordered the lime-green rescue engine, which is being made in Illinois and will arrive in about a year, to improve the departments’ response abilities, according to

The engine is being purchased by the Johnston department but will serve Grimes as well, he said.

Krohse said the new vehicle will serve a dual purpose — it will be an extrication-and-rescue unit but also will serve as a fully equipped fire engine. The new vehicle will be equipped with an onboard hydraulic pumping system that will be driven by the vehicle’s transmission. It will be able to accommodate six pre-connected tools - an advantage if an emergency requires help from neighboring communities’ departments, he said.