NORTH LIBERTY, IOWA – Collective Data, Inc., a provider of integrated fleet management solutions, recently announced that Dubuque, Iowa, Corvallis, Ore., Rosenberg, Texas, and Falls Church, Va., have purchased the collectiveFleet information management system in the fourth quarter of 2007.

collectiveFleet v5.2. is a software system that provides users with the ability to create equipment maintenance schedules, manage inventory, create reports, and collect data on the costs associated with the operation and maintenance on an organization’s fleet. This information is used by fleet managers to make decisions regarding equipment purchases and retirement, optimum inventory levels, staffing levels, service schedules, and other decisions that affect process and practices within the organization. Other aspects of the system include warranty recapture and recall campaign management, fuel management and cost analysis, accident and claims management, and additional functions associated with the day-to-day tasks of managing a fleet.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet