JEFFERSONVILLE, IN – Former City Council candidate Mike Hutt and Councilman Keith Fetz have asked the Jeffersonville City Council to consider purchasing vehicles that are smaller, cheaper, and more fuel-efficient than traditional full-sized municipal cars, according to

The council decided to continue the discussion at its next work session. However, Hutt’s proposal took place on the same night that council members were asked to approve the purchase of two Dodge Durangos that had been requested by the city’s fire department. For now, the council has opted not to approve the about $44,000 request.

Hutt suggested that the City use Ford Focuses for some emergency medical services runs and as a staff car. He also noted that Louisville uses similar vehicles for traffic and parking enforcement. Hutt also said that the vehicles were equipped with six airbags and the vehicles get 24 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway.