ELGIN, IL – Elgin Sweeper has introduced the high-performance Chevron conveyor belt for Elgin Pelican and Eagle broom sweepers. The design on the new conveyor belt provides improved debris pickup, longer wear, and quieter operation, according to Elgin.

Featuring an angled cleat design, the Chevron conveyor belt throws debris into the center of the hopper for better hopper fill.

Debris spill-over is also reduced with the Chevron belt, due to the 0.50-inch square top on the integrally molded cleat. The chamfered base on the cleat provides greater resistance to flex cracking, which can cause belt failure. Taller ribs between the cleats on the Chevron belt provide for a more effective conveyance of fine debris particles into the hopper.

Composed of a new, stretch-resistant poly/nylon fabric, the Chevron conveyor belt provides improved tracking, resulting in less downtime required for belt adjustment. For more information on the new Chevron conveyor belt, visit http://www.elginsweeper.com.