CAMPBELL, CA – Agile Access Control, Inc.’s FleetCommander fleet and motor pool management software is currently being used daily by authorized faculty, staff, and students at Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU).

FleetCommander has eliminated the need for a majority of the paper-based records in the University’s motor pool, and they have already begun to manage their motor pool much more efficiently.

FleetCommander provides NWOSU with online vehicle reservations for fleet drivers as well as dozens of features (e.g., maintenance, vehicle optimization charts, reporting) to aid fleet staff in doing their jobs more efficiently and more effectively. Since going live with the product this month, more than 225 vehicle requests have been submitted and processed online. Even requests for vehicles 90 days in the future have been approved and fleet drivers have been automatically notified that a vehicle will be available.

During the next year, NWOSU fleet staff hopes to analyze fleet usage and optimize the size and composition of the fleet in an effort to further reduce costs. FleetCommander’s reporting features and automated fleet dashboards provide the insight to accomplish just that.