RESTON, VA – MAXIMUS, a provider of fleet enterprise asset management (EAM) software and fuel management solutions, is working with the City of Austin, Texas, to implement an extensive fleet management software upgrade and deploy the MAXIMUS fully integrated FuelFocus automated fueling system (AFS).

The City of Austin, a MAXIMUS customer since 1994, is migrating to the browser-based version of FleetFocus, a fleet management system.

MAXIMUS AFS will seamlessly integrate with FleetFocus to manage and track fuel and fluid dispensing.

The City of Austin employs more than 10,000 people, with 180 working on the City’s fleet. Seven shops and 100 technicians support 4,800 vehicles and rolling stock.

The City of Austin decided to upgrade its FleetFocus software to the browser-based version because it would be easier for the staff to use a familiar browser-based interface, it would deliver wireless convenience, and it could be deployed beyond the City’s firewall, thereby giving customers easier access.

The latest MAXIMUS FleetFocus software provides for web reporting, dashboard KPI’s, and touch screen interfaces for the shop floor on the latest development architecture. Additionally, MAXIMUS FuelFocus’ wireless automated fuel system was selected for its advanced RF capabilities, which leads to ease of operator usage while fueling while maximizing security at the fuel islands.