WINNIPEG – The first-ever Canadian Plug-In Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (PHEV) Conference is being held in Winnipeg on Nov. 1 and 2. The two-day event features:

  • A two-day technical conference on PHEVs.

  • Showcase and forum featuring eco-friendly transportation options.

  • Networking workshops.

  • Simulation courses.

  • Tours.

    The forum will help attendees understand how PHEVs can be integrated into current and future transportation systems and the electrical power grid; develop educational and public engagement for the Plug-in Highway; review ongoing research and demonstrations of PHEV projects across North America; and discuss the role of government in supporting PHEV development and commercialization.

    This conference will feature industry experts, including Dr. Andy Frank (father of modern PHEV); Chelsea Sexton (“Who killed the electric car”); Jasna Tomic (Westart-Calstart); Felix Kramer (Cal Cars); Bill Moore (editor of EV World).

    Also, attendees can visit the showcase and public forum that features plug-in hybrid vehicles and other eco-friendly transportation options; explore a variety of display booths; experience a plug-in hybrid vehicle ride and drive; attend forums where you can hear presentations and ask questions from leading experts; browse student posters; and discover alternative-fuel vehicles on display.

    Register online at