YUMA, AZ – The City of Yuma unveiled new green vehicles, adding to its growing fleet of alternative-fuel vehicles, according to the Yuma Sun newspaper. City officials said they are acting ahead on an anticipated federal mandate already in place in nearby counties.

Six Toyota Camrys were shown off at the Public Works building and two Ford Escapes were expected for delivery soon, according to Charlie Caudill, fleet manager for the city. The Camry is a passenger sedan that will be used by City staff, while the Escape, a small SUV with off-road capabilities, is expected to be used by the Development Services Department.

“The hybrids cost $3,500 more than a gas-only car but they get 35-40 percent more gas mileage,” Caudill said, as quoted by the Yuma Sun. “Over the life of the vehicle (100,000 miles or eight years) projected savings are $1,500 for the Camry and $3,000 to $3,500 for the Escape.”

Since 2001, the City has been buying the alternative-fuel Toyota Prius for City staff use and now has six. The hybrids emit 40 percent less pollutants. The Prius gets 40 to 46 miles per gallon compared to the 18 miles per gallon of previous city sedans.

The City is also preparing to switch over to E-85 compatible fuel vehicles. E-85 costs $1.40 per gallon, yet it gets 30 percent less mileage, Caudill said. Expected by next January are 17 Ford Crown Victoria police vehicles and 13 F-150 Ford trucks that are E-85 compatible.

There are also 125 city diesel vehicles that are targeted for a changeover to B-20 fuel. Its cost varies now from two cents less to two cents more per gallon than regular diesel gas. The City staff is still working on a budget to implement the use of this alternative fuel, the report said.