PUTNAM COUNTY, TN – Putnam County fleet vehicles may soon switch to the use of biodiesel, due to a resolution being considered by the Putnam County Commission, according to the Herald-Citizen newspaper. Commissioner Gene Mullins is sponsoring a resolution encouraging the use of biodiesel as an alternative fuel to regular diesel in Putnam County vehicles.

Putnam Ambulance Service Director Randy Porter told the Herald-Citizen that several months ago they did a test of the biodiesel blend B-20 to see how it worked in one of the county’s 12 ambulances, which is one type of the many county vehicles that runs on diesel. Porter reported that there weren’t any functional problems, but those at the medical facility destinations of the ambulances did complain about the smell.

The county’s diesel tank holds 8,000 gallons, and over the last fiscal year, county vehicles used 59,710 gallons of diesel.

Another issue in using biodiesel may be the cost, which Porter said hasn’t been a big difference when you’re buying biodiesel in smaller quantities. Porter said he will begin looking at other issues associated with biodiesel if the resolution encouraging its usage is approved tonight, according to the Herald-Citizen newspaper.