KAUAI, HI – Tracking fuel use and improving maintenance of the county’s vehicles should save Kaua'i taxpayers a “significant amount of money over the course of time,” Finance Director Wallace Rezentes Jr., said, according to the Web site www.kauaiworld.com. Nearly all 550 vehicles in the county’s fleet now utilize the Gasboy Fleetkey Management System, a technology Kauai implemented last spring.

The county’s 41 buses will soon join those ranks, according to Mary Daubert, county public information officer. When a county employee fills up his/her assigned car or truck with gasoline at a county pump and the vehicle needs servicing, a message will appear on the fuel-dispenser window reminding the driver that it is time for the vehicle to be serviced.

The Gasboy Fleetkey Management System uses special data keys that contain encoded information. It controls access to fuel-dispensing equipment by only activating pumps when valid keys are used.