LAS VEGAS– The City of Las Vegas said it has to reduced the nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions of its diesel and biodiesel-fueled equipment by 18 percent using a fuel additive, called XenTx Diesel Fuel Treatment, according to the Web site

The city is using the additive in all of its diesel-powered vehicles. The city’s diesel fuel supplier, Haycock Petroleum, is pre-treating all diesel fuel with EMTA’s XenTx Diesel Fuel Treatment prior to delivering it to the city’s central fueling facilities. The additive is sold by Scottsdale, Ariz., EMTA Holdings, which sells its XenTx-branded additives to commercial and industrial customers, as well as consumers through automotive and hardware retail outlets.

The City of Las Vegas operates approximately 1,500 vehicles, of which nearly 87 percent are alternative-fuel vehicles, such as compressed natural gas, biodiesel, hydrogen and hydrogen blends, clean burning gas, and hybrids. Two new hydrogen buses are scheduled for delivery next week as part of a DOE grant.