HOUSTON, TX – Oryxe Energy International Inc.’s biodiesel fuel additive, Oryxe LED for Biodiesel, was approved for use in Texas by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, according to the Houston Business Journal. The Irvine, Calif.-based additive developer said its technology is the first additive for biodiesel to win approval from the state of Texas. The company produces the Oryxe LED additive at its blending facility in Pasadena.

Emission tests showed Oryxe LED, when added to a B-20 biodiesel blend, reduced the increase in oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions to the level required to qualify under the state’s Texas Low Emission Diesel program. The tests were conducted at West Virginia University Engine and Emissions Research Laboratory, and were funded in part by the state of Texas through a grant from the TCEQ.

The TxLED program was launched in November 2005 to reduce NOx emissions from diesel exhaust in 110 counties, including the metropolitan areas of Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.