OLYMPIA, WA – An audit of the state’s motor pool has determined that up to $2 million could be saved by making changes to the current system, according to the Web site www.king5.com. The report is the first on a performance audit performed by Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag’s Office under Initiative 900.

Initiative 900, passed by voters in 2005, directed the Washington State Auditor to conduct performance audits of every state and local agency and program. The Motor Pool manages a fleet of 1,470 vehicles. Of these, 1,300 vehicles are permanently assigned to state agencies or state employees.

The audit found that the motor pool:

  • Has 113 underused vehicles that should be sold or reassigned.
  • Rental rates do not cover its operating expenses.
  • The method of purchasing vehicles results in excess interest costs. A substantial amount of money could be saved on interest costs if a vehicle purchase plan that combines a mix of cash purchases and borrowing is established.

    Among its recommendations, the Auditor’s office is suggesting that employees who travel less than 10,000 miles per year should drive their own vehicles and submit for mileage reimbursement or use alternative transportation. Also, vehicles that are more than six years old should be sold, according to www.king5.com.