LONDON, UK – The ever-increasing focus by companies on at-work driver safety is driving up tire safety checks and brake inspection work to unprecedented levels at Kwik-Fit Fleet, Britain’s largest independent fast-fit business, according to Transport News Networt. Two years ago, Kwik-Fit Mobile carried out 150,000 tire safety checks on company cars and vans. Last year, the figure increased to 200,000, and this year, technicians expect to complete 250,000 inspections.

The explosion in tire safety check business has led to 20 percent of Kwik-Fit Fleet’s 200-strong mobile van fleet now being dedicated to tire safety checks. Initial tire checks result in about 20 percent of vehicles inspected requiring attention.

Tire safety checks on almost 9,500 British Gas Home Service light commercial vehicles remain a major feature of the organization’s fast-fit contract with Kwik-Fit Fleet.

The average company car driver can expect to replace the brake pads on their vehicle once a year. However, many vehicles, due to their design and usage, may require brake inspections as often as four times a year.