ALPHARETTA, GA – DataScan Field Services (DFS), a floorplan audit and vehicle inspection company has rebranded its Canadian operations. Sbsidiaries Manders Appraisal (Manders) of Toronto and Groupe Quadrex (Quadrex) of Montreal, will be officially integrated into the company and known as DataScan Field Services.

The move affords the company increased leverage in the industry while allowing DFS to move forward in support of its mission to deliver best-of-class audit and vehicle inspection solutions on a greater scale through its international network of more than 500 field specialists. Acquired by DFS in July 2006, Manders Appraisal and Groupe Quadrex provide audit and vehicle inspection services throughout Canada to more than 40 clients.

According to Brent Sergot, vice president and general manager of DataScan Field Services, the integration has also created a more robust organization. “DFS is now positioned to better serve its Canadian clients utilizing a common technology platform in both the US and Canada. Our international team of knowledgeable associates continues to come together in support of building the most effective audit and inspection company in the industry,” said Sergot.