NORFOLK, VA – Two Colorado sites, the Town of Castle Rock and the City of Loveland, have each awarded CCG Systems, Inc. with their RFP contract to implement the FASTER fleet management system.

FASTER is an automated system capable of storing, managing, and reporting on all information pertaining to asset maintenance. It also integrates with fuel systems and/or other modules already owned and used by a given site. With both new customers looking to replace their existing fleet systems, CCG/FASTER also provides data conversion for the Town of Castle Rock with 265 fleet assets and the City of Loveland with 600 fleet assets.

FASTER’s real-time data maximizes availability, usage, and cost effectiveness of resources, thereby, improving customer service, repairs and maintenance services, and increasing staff efficiency and productivity.

For more information, contact Allan Richardson (West Coast) and/or M. Lynn Stuart (East Coast) at (800)-753-2783, or send an e-mail to