CLEVELAND, OH – CSA America offers a program to qualify Compressed Natural Gas Cylinder Inspectors for the visual inspection of vehicles that operate using CNG for power. The CNG Cylinder Inspector Certification Program was developed by CSA in conjunction with the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (NGVC) in Washington, D.C. The program provides a mechanism for vehicle owners to obtain CNG cylinder inspections by qualified and certified personnel.

According to CSA, a Certified CNG Inspector will have knowledge of the types of containers used in CNG vehicle systems and damage allowances for each type; understanding of inspection requirements, test, and procedures; the container manufacturer’s current inspection guidelines readily available; and have successfully passed the CSA America NGV Cylinder Inspector examination.

CSA America works with a number of training organizations that offer classes for CSA Certification. Training lasts two days and includes certification testing. Certification applications and exams are forwarded to CSA America for grading and evaluation, and the names of successful candidates are then added to the National Registry. Inspectors will then receive a CSA Certificate, Inspection Forms, and Pass/Fail Labels for use in inspection activities. The CNG Cylinder Inspector Program also provides annual reviews for inspectors to maintain their certification status.

Scholarships for cylinder inspection training and certification testing are available for qualifying technicians or organizations through a U.S. Department of Energy program administered by the Clean Vehicle Education Foundation (CVEF). For more information, visit or contact Hank Seiff at 703-534-6151.