RENCE, KS – For the first time since the 1970s, the Lawrence Douglas County Fire Medical department’s emergency response units will be the traditional red design. More than half of the current vehicles are light green, according to the Kansan newspaper. The change is part of an effort to replace the department’s aging fleet with more modern, updated equipment. The sirens and lighting on all vehicles will be updated to those of the newest models, making them as recognizable as possible.

The department had certain guidelines for safety requirements, but color was not part of the safety concern. Instead, the color change was just a move back to the traditional look of emergency response vehicles. Also, a less-complicated logo will be used on all new vehicles, allowing for an easier, cheaper application.

Funding for the change will come mostly from a replacement program operated by the county, according to the Kansan. The department routinely changes out older vehicles with better, newer replacements.