OLYMPIA, WA – Washington’s audit teams are working on the first wave of 30 performance audits, with targets ranging from big-ticket agencies like education and transportation to more hidden facets of state and local government, such as use of car pools and first-class air travel, according to the Associated Press.

According to state Auditor Brian Sonntag, his agency will do the first 30 audits this year, completing 19 by the end of June. Two audits are nearly complete, dealing with debt collection and the state government motor pool. The agency is doing four performance audits on aspects of the state Department of Transportation. Topics include the agency’s organization and overhead, including possible efficiencies; management of road and bridge construction projects, including management of inventory like hot asphalt; the state ferry system’s $300 million operation; and planning and staging of road projects in heavily traveled Puget Sound country.

The agency will post the reports on the auditor’s Web site. Citizens can sign up to receive the audits electronically.