SAN RAMON, CA – Chevron’s Lubricants University, an educational Web site, is introducing two new courses, “Automotive Grease” and “Industrial Grease,” as part of its course catalog. The two modules are self-study, Web-based programs designed for maintenance professionals and industrial end users interested in expanding their knowledge of proper grease use and formulations.

The “Automotive Grease” course provides information on how grease products differ in terms of performance, base oil, additives, and thickener types. In addition, the module offers an overview of automotive grease, examines lubrication performance specifications, and looks at automotive grease products currently in use. The course increases awareness of the specialized automotive greases designed to meet the requirements of highway automobiles and trucks, as well as off-road wheel and track vehicles.

The “Industrial Grease” course covers the appropriate quantity, re-greasing intervals, and product selection for proper lubrication in industrial applications. The course also describes how to successfully implement industrial greasing programs in such applications as electric motors, pumps and conveyors, and pins and bushings found in cranes and other manufacturing equipment. “Industrial Greases” also provides an understanding of what grease is, performance specifications, industrial grease products, and the correct application of industrial lubrication.

A subscription program is available for companies interested in offering training to multiple employees. For pricing information, contact or All Lubricants University courses offer a certificate of completion once a student has successfully completed the training. For more information, visit