KINGMAN, AZ – Mohave County, Ariz., is looking at engineering firms to design and build a new building to hold a fleet services station in downtown Kingman, according to the Mohave Daily News. The building would be built on less than a half-acre of land on West Highway 66, east of the county’s year-old administration building. The building would provide county motor pool cars and maintenance service closer to employees working at downtown county buildings, including the administration building and the sheriff’s office.

According to Mohave County Public Works Director Mike Hendrix, the fleet services station would include a fueling station, a fleet services mechanics garage, and a vehicle rental lot, reported the Mohave Daily News . The fleet services station would be constructed and in operation by Jun. 2007. Interested firms have until Nov. 22 to submit bids to the county’s procurement department. The county will narrow a list of firms down to three for a second round of interviews.

The procurement department is also seeking bids from car dealers or manufacturers for 59 new county vehicles through the public works department motor pool division, according to the Mohave Daily News. The county budgeted about $1.1 million to replace older county vehicles. Generally, vehicles are replaced after 120,000 miles or five years of use.

According to Fleet Supervisor Noval Wright, each department pays into a motor pool fund so when the new vehicle replaces an older model, the new vehicle is already paid for. Interested car dealers have until Nov. 27 to submit bids to the county’s procurement department.