HARRISBURG, PA – The City of Harrisburg, Pa., began using biodiesel fuel in its diesel-operated vehicles, according to the Central Penn Business Journal. United Biofuels has agreed to provide the city with the fuel made with soybean oil. The soybeans used to make the oil are grown on midstate farms, and the cost of the fuel is just less than the average price of a gallon of regular diesel fuel. The price of the cleaner-burning biodiesel is about $2.10 per gallon, and will save the city at least $5,250 annually.

Agencies for which Harrisburg provides fuel services are also using the biofuel, including the Harrisburg School District, the Commonwealth of PA, Dauphin County, Borough of Steelton, Community Life Team, and other city authorities and agencies. About 35,000 gallons of diesel fuel are used per month by the city and other agencies combined, the report said