VILLAGE OF LANSING, IL – The Village of Lansing, Ill., has bought $145,000 in equipment and agreed to sell five used vehicles, according to the Web site The Village Board bought a soon-to-be-fully-equipped International dump truck for $77,260, a Ford pickup truck for $18,442, a 1600 John Deere mower for $39,561, and a 797 Z-Track mower for $9,689.

Meanwhile, the board voted to advertise the sale of three former police cars — two 1979 and one 1998 Ford Crown Victorias — a 1979 Ford van, and a 1968 Ford tractor.

Public Works Superintendent Tim Watkins requested the new equipment to replace old vehicles and to allow his department to mow along Interstate 80/94 under a proposed agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation. The trucks and mowers were purchased through a state program, but the $43,985 dump truck will be equipped with dump box, hydraulics, and lights by Precision Hose for $33,275, according to

The dump truck will replace a 1981 International truck that will be used by the Water Department as a backup truck. The pickup truck will replace a 2003 truck that will be transferred from the water department to the streets department. To make room for the pickup, the streets department will transfer a 1993 Chevrolet pickup to the building department for inspectors to use in an alley beautification program. The 1600 John Deere will replace a 1968 Ford.