SEATTLE, WA – The Seattle Police Department (SPD) and the Seattle Police Foundation (SPF) will deploy automatic external defibrillators (AED) in Seattle police cars. Sponsored by SPF, Philips Medical Systems, private citizens Craig and Julie Tall, and the American Heart Association, the agreement will make Seattle PD one of the first major-city police departments to have AEDs in all patrol cars. Citizens Craig and Julie Tall donated $100,000; Philips donated more than half of the needed devices, totaling more than $375,000; and SPF funded $155,000.

“Because Philips HeartStart defibrillators are designed and manufactured in Seattle, we are especially pleased to have been chosen as the supplier of AEDs to the Seattle Police Department,” said Michael Miller, senior vice president, Cardiac Care for Philips Medical Systems.

The 225 units needed for full deployment will be installed in patrol cars beginning in November. All cars will be outfitted by June 2007.