LAS VEGAS, NV – Three hundred people from throughout the country participated in a recent Webcast to learn about fuel, vehicle, and emissions benefits derived from using natural gas in transit fleets. The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVI), on behalf of Clean Energy, presented a 90-minute interactive session about the superior business case and environmental advantages in choosing natural gas for transit fleets. “Transit Operations: The Natural Gas Vehicle Connection” presented the most recent information available on regulations, funding, and product availability for transit fleet applications.

Annalloyd Thomason, executive director of the AFVI, moderated the Webcast. Presentations were given by Richard Kolodziej, president of NGV America; Leo Thomason, executive director of the Natural Gas Vehicle Institute; and Peter Grace, VP of Leasing and Finance for Clean Energy. Presenters reviewed credits and incentives available to transit agencies in the Energy Policy Act 2005, which includes millions of dollars of cash incentives. A comprehensive lineup of available natural gas engines and vehicles was shown. And, Clean Energy explained how they provide creative financing and fuel contract options for natural gas transit fleets that can result in a 10-year net cost per gallon that is less than today’s diesel price.

Presentations from the Webcast are available at