AUSTIN, TX – HDC Inc. P.O.P. Locks now offers the ABumper, a cellular rubber pad designed to absorb energy during an impact and significantly reduce or eliminate collateral damage. Damaged pad replacement is simple and reduces costly vehicle down time. ABumper endured repeated flat barrier impacts mounted to a full-size F-150 at over 5 mph through independent testing. No damage was noted to bumper or vehicle.

ABumper’s rubber compound is made from and Elastomer that allows large elastic deformations, ideal for a bumper. The rubber, EPDM, tests above average against environmental conditions, and will easily serve a 10-year cycle application.

Pads are used for a variety of applications including fleets, utility bodies, street cleaners, snow plows, and delivery vehicles. ABumper is also used for marine docks, construction equipment, trailers, boats, etc.