BARRON, WI – Barron County Board member Nicole Greschner is promoting a plan to require that regular diesel in the state be mixed with a minimum of two percent biodiesel. Several states, including Minnesota, already have such a mandate. Greschner expressed her support for such a plan during a meeting, held Oct. 11, at the Barron County Courthouse to discuss alternative fuels. Several local and state officials attended, according to a news report from the Barron News-Shield. Greschner also advocated increased spending to educate the public about the benefits of biodiesel.

During the same meeting, Don Horstman, another county board member, described a recent trip to San Diego where he learned about the city’s bus fleet powered by biodiesel.

State Secretary of Agriculture Rod Nilsestuen told the group that investment in bio-development, biodiesel, and ethanol represents “the next big chapter in U.S. economic history,” as quoted in the Barron News-Shield report