SAN DIEGO, CA – SmartDrive Systems Inc. has established a new national award for a Fleet Risk/Safety Manager of the Year. The company is asking private companies, organizations, municipalities, and government to nominate managers for the award, which will run during the first quarter of 2007. The winning organization will receive a free pilot (phase one) deployment of SMARTDRIVE. Nominations can be submitted via Entries should include supporting reasons each nominee should be considered. Nominees will be judged by company safety record, and the winner will be announced in mid-2007.

The Smart Drive in-vehicle unit is mounted behind the rearview mirror and consists of two, tiny cameras: one camera pointing forward and one pointing at the driver. Smart Drive is continuously recording, so events — such as a tailgating, swerving, speeding, or a collision — are recorded and saved 15 seconds before the event and 15 seconds after it. The video event is then wirelessly downloaded to the secure Web site where it is reviewed; the driver is counseled and is retrained.

Smart Drive offers over-the-air firmware updates and fully outsourced incident review by trained professionals. Smart Drive also guarantees a minimum of 30 percent fewer crashes for fleets of vehicles using this device.

Smart Drive also offers fully embedded vehicle maintenance module including universal OBDII/J-Bus connectivity. Smart Drive enables erratic driving & excessive speed detection, driver training & behavioral modification including a feedback loop, preventative maintenance & engine diagnostics, and video crash re-construction — all delivered over one seamless, Web-based service. All the video data and diagnostics data can be viewed by fleet/risk/safety managers by logging on to the Smart Drive secure Web site.