SOCORRO, NM – The Socorro County, N.M., commissioners passed a resolution to set the county’s policies on travel and reimbursement in an attempt to standardize the policy interdepartmentally, according to El Defensor Chieftain newspaper. The commissioners officially approved a resolution adopting the policy at the Sept. 12 commission meeting. Same-day travel will be required to and from a destination within 120 miles of the county courthouse, or the employee’s actual place of work, if the actual time to conduct official business is not longer than one working day. Per diem on travel that does not require an overnight stay. In addition, travel advances must be accompanied by a written request and must be authorized. The advances will only be give for 80 percent of per diem rates and mileage costs, not 100 percent as had been done in some cases in the past. Employees will be reimbursed for mileage for a privately owned vehicle, if a county vehicle is unavailable, at the rate of 32 cents per mile.