OLYMPIA, WA – Longtime Olympia, Wash., resident, John Setina passed away at Providence St. Peter Hospital on Sept. 7, 2006. John was born on Jan. 1, 1919.

Setina attended school in Joliet, and in 1939 joined the United States Army. He also worked for the Washington State Patrol for 17 years as a vehicle mechanic and body repairman. He founded Setina Manufacturing Company in 1962, which developed and sold law enforcement vehicle safety equipment. He retired from the business, but maintained an active role in the direction of the company until his recent illness.

He held many United States and Canadian patents, and over the years, his products became standard equipment for law enforcement. His products are also currently in use by the United States Armed Forces in Iraq. The products that he designed have been credited with saving the lives of many police officers through the past 44 years.