WASHINGTON, D.C. – Next year an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-influenced hybrid garbage truck made by Peterbilt will roll out with both a diesel engine and a hydraulic pump, according to the Wall Street Journal. This garbage truck could be the first in a line of commercial vehicles using the government-funded technology. The EPA says the system is 30-percent more efficient than the one it will replace. Also, UPS is now testing two hydraulic-diesel hybrid prototypes for its delivery fleet. The company expects to cut fuel costs, as it now spends $2.1 billion a year on gas, according to the Wall Street Journal.. Hydraulic-diesel hybrids are not expected to come to retail car dealerships soon as they’re primarily used in large trucks. However, Ford has tested a hydraulic-hybrid Expedition SUV that delivered 27 mpg in the city. Ford has now joined with Toyota to build gas-electric systems instead.