MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin State Patrol is adding seven Dodge Chargers and seven Dodge Magnums to its fleet, according to the Web site After being outfitted by the State Patrol with mobile computer stations, radios, and other specialized equipment, three Dodge Chargers, all with V-6 engines, are ready for delivery to troopers at the Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, and Tomah posts. In coming months, the State Patrol will receive delivery of four more Chargers, all with V-8 Hemi engines, that are destined for troopers at the Wausau, Waukesha, Eau Claire, and DeForest posts.

Five Magnum wagons with V-6 engines will be used by members of a new State Patrol Technical Reconstruction Unit, which is being organized for crash reconstructions and other specialized duties. The DeForest Post recently received a V-6 Magnum, and the State Patrol Academy at Fort McCoy also will receive a V-6 Magnum for recruiting purposes.

In addition to the new Chargers and Magnums, State Patrol officers use primarily Ford Crown Victorias along with some Chevrolet Impalas. State Patrol commercial motor vehicle inspectors, who must transport portable scales and other heavy equipment, use Ford Expeditions and Chevrolet Tahoes.