KINGSTON, NY – A fleet management study projects Ulster County could save up to $360,000 a year by better managing its near-500 vehicles, but some legislators say the cost of a new fleet manager is not justified, according to the Daily Freeman newspaper. The county’s rolling stock was surveyed in May by part-time deputy clerk of the Legislature, and recommendations were made on how it could make its operations more effective. It was revealed that based on the 2005 budget, the county’s 495 vehicles cost $3.4 million to operate, not including purchases. The budget includes $322,000 in mileage payments to county workers who use their own cars on official business. In addition, at least half the mileage expenses could be eliminated if the fleet were more efficiently managed. The county pays employees 42 cents a mile to use their own vehicles, while it costs the county 35 cents a mile to operate its cars and light trucks, according to the Daily Freeman newspaper. The survey also revealed that better maintenance of county vehicles would result in fewer major repairs and that there was a lack of expense record keeping. The deputy clerk offered the Legislature’s Administrative Services Committee three options:
  • Upgrading the garage supervisor to fleet manager, with a raise of $3,632, in addition to a mechanic and the software, for a yearly savings of $201,000.
  • Hiring a fleet manager at $69,268 a year (including 46 percent in benefits), and a mechanic at $47,510 a year. Another $1,000 is earmarked for a software license. Under that option, the county would save an estimated $131,000 the first year.
  • The third option was “doing nothing.” The Committee intends to clarify personnel and civil service issues before making a final decision. The proposal next goes to the Ways and Means Committee. The Efficiency, Reform, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee will also review the report.