SAN DIEGO, CA – The County of San Diego, Calif., has selected MAXIMUS FuelFocus as its fully integrated automated fuel system in a procurement valued at over $850,000. The County is replacing its outdated fuel system with FuelFocus, a fully integrated component of FleetFocus, the MAXIMUS fleet management system that the County has used on an ASP basis since 1993. The County operates 3,800 vehicles and will deploy FuelFocus at 21 fuel sites throughout the County. Besides County vehicles, many other agencies utilize these fueling facilities, including the State of California Highway Patrol fleet. FuelFocus features real-time automated radio frequency communications for vehicle and odometer information, thus eliminating all manual entry and delay of data. This feature guarantees that only authorized vehicles will be fueled and allows the County to immediately validate vehicle information with data that automatically updates in real-time, all within one integrated database and easy to use application. A standard interface between FuelFocus and the County’s Veeder Root tank-monitoring system allows for real-time monitoring of fuel and lubricants held in inventory. This automated tank inventory process streamlines product orders and ensures that adequate quantities are on hand at all times. The enhanced accuracy and timeliness of mileage, fuel, and fluid data drives improved preventive maintenance. Another benefit of FuelFocus is the reporting component that helps keep the County in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Natural Resources