MURFREESBORO, TN – Every Murfreesboro police cruiser was ordered re-examined for tire safety this week, and officers were reminded about inspecting their cars daily for any problems, according to The Daily News Journal newspaper. Police Chief Glenn Chrisman said every vehicle in the fleet is being checked for tire conditions and tread wear. He also sent a memo to officers stating they are required to inspect cruisers before each shift.

A recent story in The Daily News Journal reported that officers were questioning the safety of tires and high-mileage vehicles after two crashes involving officers.

Before police officers start work, they must check all operating systems, including lights, siren, radios, and the mobile video terminal computers, as well as make sure everything is working and being operated safely. They must also check the body of the car and tires for defects or extreme wear.

If a repair is needed, the officer must report it to a supervisor. Mechanics routinely check tires when the patrol car undergoes an oil change at every 4,000 miles, the report said. If irregularities or excessive wear are observed in tire tread patterns, officers are required to report it to a supervisor. The supervisor will then determine if the vehicle is safe or if it should be referred to Fleet Services for inspection or replacement.