SALT LAKE CITY – In the wake of two fatal accidents in Utah during the past nine months that have involved large 15-passenger vans, the Salt Lake County Council has voted to immediately ban minors from riding in the vehicles, according to Deseret Morning News. The county also plans to begin to phase out use of the vehicles. In addition:

  • A 30-day notification will be sent to those participating in the Utah Transit Authority’s van pool to inform riders that they can no longer bring children with them.
  • Drivers of large vans such as those belonging to the County Sheriff’s Department, which do not transport children, must complete four-hour training requirement and check tire air pressure regularly.
  • In 90 days, the council will meet again with assessments from various departments to determine if other vehicle alternatives are available.
  • Preventive measures will be taken for riders, capping passengers at 12 and not allowing anyone in the back seat. Additional recommendations from the district attorney’s office included removing large passenger vans from the UTA motor pool, according to the report.