MONROE, WI – The Public Safety Committee of Monroe has moved the issue of adding an ATV to the fire department’s fleet along to the Finance and Taxation Committee for further action, according to the Monroe Times. The fire department has determined a need for the ATV because of all the ATV trails that have opened and expanded in Monroe and throughout Green County in recent years. The department is interested in purchasing a 2005 Polaris 6X6 Ranger, which offers more options than a typical three- or four-wheel ATV. The ATV can carry two firefighters, be outfitted with a box capable of holding 70 to 80 gallons of water, and even have room for a backboard at the rear to transport an accident victim. The Fire Department has set aside about $5,300 to put toward the purchase of the ATV, according to the Monroe Times report. In addition, $5,700 is available through donations. Once the ATV is modified to suit department needs, the total cost is estimated at $15,000.