HOOVER, AL – The city of Hoover runs a 160-vehicle fleet, comprised solely of flexible-fuel vehicles (FFVs) that run on E-85. Of the city’s 160 FFVs, 104 are Chevrolet Tahoe police pursuit vehicles, making it the largest E-85-fueled law enforcement fleet in the nation. The remaining 56 vehicles are administrative or public works vehicles. The Hoover Police Department (HPD) fuels their vehicles onsite at the Hoover Public Safety Facility, which has two dispensers with two hoses each. The facility, built in 2004 with a grant from Central Alabama Clean Cities provided by Alabama Partners for Clean Air, is available for use by other public agencies. Each HPD officer carries an E-85 fueling card that is activated by a personal identification number. Such information as miles between refueling and gallons of ethanol pumped is collected with each fuel purchase and then used for analysis. The HPD uses approximately 24,000 gallons of E-85 a month. The City of Hoover is currently looking into the use of biodiesel in its heavy-duty duty vehicles.