MADISON, WI – Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has issued an executive order that requires all state fleet vehicles to reduce the use of petroleum-based gasoline by 20 percent by the year 2010, and by 50 percent by 2015, according to the Web site The order also calls for a 10-percent reduction of petroleum-based diesel by 2010, and 25 percent by 2015. The order is designed to increase the use of E-10, E-85, and biodiesel in Wisconsin. The State Department of Administration will develop an awareness campaign to make sure all Wisconsin state flex-fuel vehicles are clearly marked and all state employees are aware of where E-85 refueling stations are located, the report said. Doyle also put pressure on the State Senate to take action on Assembly Bill 15, which would require that all 87-octane gasoline sold in the state contain a minimum 10 percent ethanol. The bill has passed the Assembly and a Senate committee, but Senate leadership has yet to schedule any floor action.